Welcoming My Step-Sister into My Family Home with a Good Fucking - Lexxi Steele

This is all kinda weird, I knew Lexxi in high school and we partied a few times together, we even made out once. Now she is moving in with her Dad to be my step-sister, but I am gonna be a good host and show her around the house. I go in to give her some bedsheets and help her make her bed, we both start to laugh at how funny it is we are now siblings. I notice something new about Lexxi, it looks like her nipples are pierced, I ask her and the next thing I know she is lifting up her top and flashing me then she grabs my hand and makes me feel her tits. I can not believe this is happening, Lexxi tells me she heard rumors that I had a big dick, she wants to see it. I don't think she just wants to see it but wants to feel it deep inside her, I give my step-sister the proper welcoming to the house with a good fuck.

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