DTT-063 - Kasumi Ikeya

Iketani Kasumi 39 years old, former race queen. An indecent wife who always has one favorite boyfriend and five sex friends, despite being married and having a husband. There are various ways to meet each other, and I mainly fish for men at Aizaka taverns and matching apps. In addition, the curiosity about sexuality is extraordinary, such as going to regular orgy parties. The reason for the AV debut is “to pursue eroticism” and I feel a strong commitment to sex. When I meet the long-cherished actor, I smile with joy. Although he tries to play while hiding his own metamorphosis, the eyes of a professional actor cannot be deceived due to the lewd feeling that oozes out. A beautiful G-cup wife with a bottomless sexual desire experiences a climax that she has never tasted due to the amazing technique by an actor! !!

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