DTT-062 - Karen Zaizen

Zenzen Karen working as a golf lesson professional, 35 years old. There are 4 to 5 sefure people that I met in the lesson despite having a husband, and the reason why I applied for AV is that my sexual desire is strong and sexless with my husband is the cause. When a muscular man who is the favorite type kisses him forcibly, he entangles himself with his tongue and is absorbed in extraordinary pleasure. When he stood in front of his stiff erection, he suddenly gave a surprised voice and sucked at his dear one. When it is screwed into a standing posture with love juice, the beautiful legs tremble and trembling. You can get a blow job at an izakaya you’re having a meeting with, or if you’re crazy about sexless frustration with golf wear, you’ll be attracted to the bottomless sexual desire by a beautiful erocious married woman!

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