DIC-076 - Minami Saito

Minami Saito is 18 years old. A girl who just graduated from high school and aims to become a nurse. Her reason for appearing as an AV, who is currently working on issues that come out of school every day, is “I want to do something extraordinary that nobody has ever experienced.” Up to now, 5 people have had sex, and the first thing I’m expecting from an AV is middle-live. An actor appeared when he took off his clothes as he was told by the director and spread a beautiful shaved pussy on the sofa to masturbate. When the body that was already on fire is carefully groped around, the joy juice drips and a pleasant sensation that has never been experienced penetrates through the whole body. When a piston is made while grasping the butt with excellent elasticity, it experiences a medium quiver while quivering. In the 3P that I was interested in, the actor was in a rough sex and he was in a state of end. Enjoy the real document that reflects the real face of a pure innocent girl.

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